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Morgan gave me your book “Have a Good Roam” to read. It’s very sweet on many levels, with subtle wisdom thrown in, notably “…life’s not always what it may seem.” The illustrations are wonderful; I especially like the one of the apple core and ants. It seems like a gem of a book and song to share with children.

Kate Horsley, Author

Read Reviews of The Nap Rap

I never thought I would be saying this, but I rapped my little one to sleep the other day. Naptime can be a challenge, and this day’s venture to dreamland started off like most others — with contemptuous rebellion coupled with shrill shrieking from an over-tired tiny human. When I finally conquered the journey of getting my son into bed, I calmed him with the promise of an extra-special reading treat. I pulled out The Nap Rap by Eugene author Joan Gold Cypress and queued up the accompanying music downloaded to my iPod. Read entire review by Eugene Weekly’s Elisha Young.

Even the bees are catching some Zs. All the llamas are in their pajamas. The most challenging part of a parent’s day? Nap time! “The Nap Rap” offers a perfect solution. This original, 361- word rhyming song by Joan Gold Cypress is aimed at getting young children to sleep by creating a fun and entertaining bed-time ritual.  Read entire review by The Midwest Book Review – Picture Book Shelf

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