I do declare today’s word is PERSEVERE
I give major thanks for the thrill of being alive.
It’s a wonder how we all get by and survive.
Whoa … the start of 2024 was not so happy
Indeed, for me, it was downright scrappy.
Between cursed Covid, then an icy storm
The power went out and I wanted to transform
Into a healthy, patient, more resilient Queen
Good and ready for a more favorable routine.
Aiming to stay on course for a creative birthday year
Clearly my mantra is to PERSEVERE!
Further along with teachings from the I Ching
Surrendering to what life will bring.
Adjusting to changes … learning lessons for sure
Going with the flow to endure.
Counting on courage to continue with grace
Saving room for wishful breathing space.
Gotta keep my dreams alive … I don’t want to give up
May we all PERSEVERE further. Here’s cheers with a full cup!
Blessings y’all
Peace & love
Queen Scarlett