May Lucky Times Come Our Way


I do declare, the word for today is LUCKY.

Lucky Laroux, our adorable French bull dog, brings extra smiles. Brother Bruce found Lucky and with a little less luck found it difficult to rear him in a high-rise apartment building. He asked nephew, Adam, to take over. At six months, Lucky got truly lucky and the full-meal deal … walks, runs, three meals a day, keeping very active and engaged.

I brought Lucky with me for the pet parade, in August of 2013, during the Eugene Celebration. It was an early morning event, so we were still in our pj’s.

I am extremely lucky, myself, to be making such fond memories with our Lucky.

Blessings to y’all,

May LUCKY times come our way,

Peace & Love,
Queen Scarlett


  1. Cute picture of you! And it’s a nice one of Scarlett too! <3

  2. Always adorable and full of peace and love. And the book?

  3. You are part of the lucky times for sure. Just knowing you makes me feel Lucky.

  4. Thanks for your support in the community “Little Queenie” !

  5. Lucky is one lucky pup. My wish is that all animals could be so lucky to find humans who love and respect them as much as this guy is. Thanks for spreading such positive energy!

  6. Nice to hear from you and enjoy your story about Lucky and to see your fun photo in your pj’s. Love you and your sweet spirit!

  7. I am feeling sooo lucky….Mahalo…

  8. Thanks scarlet oslimera joanie person
    See you dancin tomorrow

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