May our REUNIONS be joyful

I do declare today’s word is REUNIONS.
Connecting through social media these days is a bit over my head.
Fortunately, I have many royals to thank and a sincere shout out to Krystal,
for taking over Instagram and the social stuff! I’d rather be dancing!

Gotta keep moving with the continual momentum so I’m up and ready for upcoming REUNIONS.

Marvelous and I are taking a train up to Seattle soon to celebrate with our son, Adam, who is turning 44! I’ve been fantasizing about a jaunt on a train for some time now. I am excited for the long trip of no hassles with traffic. I am also preparing myself, knowing trains can be later than you’d like. As a passenger eager for the joy ride, I can only imagine how spectacular it will be pulling into the “Emerald City”! So excited for new adventures, dining out with our dear friends, Aaron and Laurel, and genuinely enjoying each moment.
I just love an extended family affair…

Blessings to y’all
Peace & Love
Queen Scarlett


  1. Sending Pesach Greetings your way. May this time of year be a celebration of spring, birth and rebirth, renewal and recommitment to what makes us all free.
    Love and kisses to the birthday boy —er, i mean, man!
    And love to you too

  2. Happy birthday to you all and blessings on your journey. I took the “Cascade” train weekly to PDX for years when babysitting the grandbabies. Loved it. Was right on time and perfect more times than not going North…a bit more unpredictable going south….but you can read, have a libation, knit, listen to podcast…(take your earphones). I still take the train but not as often.

    • Dear Marilyn…big thanks for tuning in & leaving a comment. It’s encouraging to know those I love are reading the blogs. Looking forward to playing dress up with you and our motley crew! Hugs

  3. Happy happy travels to you all, and happy happy birthday to Adam!

  4. have a fantastic ride up ! all aboard…!” the magical mystery tour is waiting to take you away….” looking forward to seeing you both….!!!! mucho love !

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