I do declare today’s word is PERSEVERANCE

There are a plenty of ups and downs and ins and outs in our lives.

With PERSEVERANCE, my consort and I just celebrated our 48th Wedding Anniversary.

Giving thanks for our many adventures, compassion, determination, and children. And now we are blessed to be proud grandparents.

It’s truly a blessing to be together as we continue further down the road.


Blessings to y’all
Peace & Love
Queen Scarlett


  1. You haven’t changed a bit!

  2. Marilyn Ripley

    Love the photos of “the royal wedding”. And what a great reign it has been. blessings on you all.

  3. Awwwwww – so proud for you! And so true!
    Giggles – Twinkles & Love,

  4. Ginger Steele Stephenson

    Best wishers for 48 more! Love the picture!

    • Ha ha…seems improbable but who knows? If we can get body parts + medication for brain power, we’ll celebrate robot style. Blessings to you always and more thanks for tuning into the blogs! Hugs

  5. Wow, you really haven’t changed! Congratulations on your 48 years and the making of a wonderful family.

  6. You were both so young. It’s truly a joy to see you two happy in the sunny morning of your lives together. I’m glad you journeyed west and graced our family/community out here.

  7. Congratulations! Thanks for all you do.

  8. Such loverly photos! It’s true you’ve hardly changed! You both look fabulous. Congratulations and here’s to many more healthy happy years. ❤️❤️❤️

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