May we embrace ADJUSTMENT

I do declare today’s word is ADJUSTMENT

Keeping it brief as time’s a wasting 
Seems ADJUSTMENT is what we’re embracing
Wearing masks to stay extra protected
Adapting in strange ways to be connected
Taking precautions to not get too close
New tests keep coming dose by dose
Now adjusting to these endeavors
With this, that and whatever’s
I’ll remind myself that this too will pass
By giving thanks for a half full glass.

May we embrace ADJUSTMENT 

Blessings y’all
Peace & Love
Queen Scarlett 


  1. Thanks Joanie. It’s always good to hear from you

  2. Ginger Steele Stephenson

    I needed this today – thank you!

  3. a rhyming time I guess…..blessings..ct

  4. Thinking of y’all and Dawn and family ❤️❤️

  5. Indra Stern-Hayworth

    Adjusting to change…ever constant. Thank you for your rhymes an words of insight & encouragement!

  6. I have to say that when I mentally walk in other’s shoes, there are many options. In Eugene I am out and about on a limited and safe way and it often seem like a routine life… with masks. A friend in Tucson fearful of the outside air… like Chernobyl. If I were a person of color I would feel my world has shifted to the good. THe cover of the Weekly brought me to a another awareness.
    World “Hope”….even in the eyes of Vogue
    Edward Enninful, the editor-in-chief of British Vogue, (Gay and black)
    THankful I don’t live in Beirut…..
    Sorry if I spun out of control….
    B Here Now

  7. Not sure about the actual semantics here, but this is the way my mind walked after enjoying your current blog:
    Adjust. Ad just.
    Ad: meaning “to” or “toward”.
    Just: here meaning ” justice”.
    Toward justice.

    Both an observation and an aspiration: That many of the “ad-Just-ments” that we are making nowadays lead us toward a more just, equitable, respectful, and evolving way of relating to each other. These adjustments include masks, new ways of getting together, new and uncertain solutions. They may seem difficult or unwelcome but may be the way toward something better. I hope.

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