May we TREASURE each day

“A genuine smile is one of the world’s rarest treasures.”
Matshona Dhliwayo

I do declare today’s word is TREASURE 
May we TREASURE each day as its mysteries unfold
Bringing surprises that are wondrous to behold.
Last month’s smoke-filled air brought darkness that I feared
While under my mask, a smile appeared.
A huge wardrobe box arrived from a long-lost pal
At 94, my Aunt Betty Jo is quite a gal.
She sent me this Chippendale chair and a well woven tale
That she packed with care and sent through the mail.
By the 70s, my mama, Shirley Gold, was already a brilliant creative 
Producing many a needlepoint, she was a Tennessee native.
It was then Betty Jo asked my mama to fashion a cushion with a color scheme 
That matched her wallpaper with a poppy flower theme.
Now it sits in my home among moms’ prolific works of art
This TREASURE does surely add comfort to my heart.
I’m extra grateful to talk to Betty Jo on the phone 
Hearing stories from the past as I sit on my new throne.
I value the time we share for the mindful insights
Of a long life lived with heartaches and highlights.
As challenging and strange as the world is nowadays 
I believe mom is smiling, sending her loving ways.
The turning, whizzing world is tricky to measure
I’m counting on each day as one to TREASURE.
May we TREASURE each day
Blessings y’all
Peace & Love
Queen Scarlett


  1. Ginger Steele Stephenson

    Another beautiful work of art by your mom, and what a lovely story to go with it. Yes, she is smiling and those eyes still have that loving twinkle.

  2. That’s beautiful! I can’t wait to see it in person one day.

  3. Very sweet story. We will keep smiling!

  4. Joanie Baloney, there is a new thing called a “smize”. You have to smile with your eyes. It works. You need to set your new chair next to the “Aunt Alma” chair. Then you and Marvin will both have thrones! I will C U next summer for camping.

  5. Such a lovely gift to receive at this time! Love you!

  6. Indra Stern-Hayworth

    Ah, a treasure indeed. And a wonderful surprise too!
    The Human Loom ‘endears’!
    Love & Smiles-

  7. Thanks for the sweetness within these challenging times….yes, treasure….each day and each other !

  8. Thanks for the sweetness within these challenging times….yes, treasure….each day and each other !

  9. Ah Joanie…thank you for a lovely rhyme…it is in itself a treasure. And I know that behind that mask of yours are smiling eyes, Sending love your way…sit in that chair and basque in the light!

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