May we manifest our QUEST  

Queen Scarlett floating in a swimming pool on a coneI do declare today’s word is QUEST  

If it’s not one QUEST it’s two 
The list goes on and on of all there is to do. 

I’ll keep searching for knowledge and understanding 
Who knows, maybe take a rocket ride for a moon landing! 

Now there’s some that aim to reach a steep mountain peak  
Not as daring…love and happiness is the priority I seek. 

While persevering in writing and staying creatively active 
Pursuing imaginative ways to be charmingly attractive. 

Maintaining ways to be healthy is a lifelong QUEST  
Caring for body, mind, and spirit to be at my best. 

It’s summertime and you can find me looking for fun 
While taking protection from the blazing hot sun. 

So lately my QUEST is to stay calm and cool 
Thanks to dear neighbors for sharing their pool. 

What a joy floating on a dreamy cone… 
Makes me feel like a queen on a throne! 

Living here in the Wild West I feel extremely blessed  
May we all be well and manifest our QUEST. 

Blessings y’all 
Peace & Love,
Queen Scarlett 


  1. Awesome. Very nice Quest you’re on. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh! Live that puzzle!!! And love summer! The calendar has been just so full of fun things. And the tables full of fruit right off the trees.

  3. And thanks for tuning in…stay cool!

  4. I love this! We must meet and dance soon before we forget, hoping for the bliss of music dance which is as good as it gets…
    Love you sister Queen!

  5. AS usual you are the coolest–and you know how to stay the coolest. Nothing like a city cement pond to provide a little relief on these hot summer days.


    Dear queen scarlet
    You keep me abreast of all that is important in pursuing my quest. Thanks to you it is refreshing indeed to come out of this Covid finally in great speed. Hoping to travel and accomplish great deeds in my yard and as I keep things alive in the heat of these times. Tapatia tap- the rhythm of life is moving along with great Hope and…(fill in the rhyme?) ❤️

  7. Thanks Ceil…Tapatia tap-the rhythm of life is moving along with great Hope…
    As long as we’re mindful of one another by washing our hands with

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