May music CONNECT us

I do declare today’s word is CONNECT

Many moons ago in Nashville, Tennessee, where I was born and bred
I was introduced to music which was and still is widespread.
Back then I took ballet and piano lessons encouraged to learn
Now after four years of cancellations, it’s finally time to return.
With excited verve I’m Nashville bound and raring to go
Wearing my boots to keep a steady pace and tempo.
I’m aiming to CONNECT amidst old friends and my kin
Sharing songs and stories … no doubt with a spin.
So much precious time has lapsed and hoping to recollect
Surely, I’ll be able to brush up on my southern dialect.
There’s a song in my heart and I’m ready to take flight
So, bring on the airwaves of music … it’s our heavenly birthright!
Music can CONNECT soul and spirit … united we’ll soar
Want to be my sidekick expressing joy in musical rapport?

May music CONNECT us

Blessings y’all
Peace & love
Queen Scarlett


  1. Dear Queenie –
    What a great way to start the day!
    Safe journey and have fun –
    Your loyal subject,
    Page Be Leaf

  2. Have fun going down South. I know you will. It’s great to reconnect with family and friends. Of course I’m a little envious because of all the wonderful cuisine and music down there. My father was from Jackson, Tennessee.

    • Dear Byron…it’s such a hoot knowing you read my blogs! And very interesting that your kin are from Tennessee. I’ll think of you while putting on the feed bag and listening to some good ole southern blues❣️

      • Dawn Cypress Broadnax

        Have a good roam to music city! We’ll hold down the fort and have some tasty vittles for when y’all come back now, ya hear!
        Love you Mama!♥️

  3. Ginger Stephenson

    Can’t wait to see you!

  4. Dearest Dawn…I’m so excited about the roam back to my roots & know wholeheartedly traveling back home to Eugene & my babes will be even more exciting and tasty too!
    Love you babe❤️

  5. Greetings, Queen Scarlett
    It was so sweet running into you recently.
    Wishing you safe travels and joyful stories, dance, music and reconnection…AND I’m in Jonesborough at the moment and could perhaps connect in Nashville. I know that your days will be full and satisfying….so if not, no worries … I pledge to connect in the flesh in Eugene! Be well my friend! Marsha

    • OMGoddess…thanks for your surprisingly, uplifting, & cheerful comment.
      Yes…let’s CONNECT 1 way or another. Stay safe, well on your travels & certainly HAVE A GOOD ROAM❣️

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