May we WEAVE love and joy into our lives

I do declare today’s word is WEAVE

Our dear Kylen keeps me in stitches with all he must show
It’s always a thrill hearing his sweet voice call me GoGo.
Turning 6, this little rascal knows just how to make a mess and run
WEAVING whimsy and wonder into childish, carefree fun.
Kylen and I love to sing for hours and play make-believe
His imagination is remarkable, and he knows just how to WEAVE
Words of nonsense telling a yarn and making us all laugh.
He’s such a precious babe as shown in each photograph.
He’s got me wrapped around his little fingers and arms
Especially when we hug, bringing joy and loving charms
I’m royally grateful for this time in my life with dear Kylen
He truly can WEAVE love and joy just by smilin’.

May we WEAVE love and joy into our lives.

Blessings y’all
Peace & love
Queen Scarlett


  1. What a blessing he is!

  2. Happy Birthday to Kylen!

  3. Joanie Balonie, Another great job. Keep it up! I will talk to you and Marv soon.

  4. jenniferandrews

    You are such a great GoGo!! Thanks for sharing your journey, wise words, positivity and poetic prowess with us.

  5. Ginger Stephenson

    What a delight to see your mom’s amazing work and that wonderful smile of previous Kylen. Sending light and love your way

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