May all of our SHOWTIME be entertaining!

Queen Scarlett as a Super Blue J accompanied by Rich Glauber, with the Radar Angels’ Jell-O Art Show performance. Thanks for the photo David Simone!


Today’s word is SHOWTIME.

I do declare, I feel so blessed to be alive. Definitely give thanks to mom and dad for defying each of their parents and eloping to San Antonio. I did not come through until 8 years later. Gotta say I hit the jack pot. On February 27, 1950, I was born and bred in Nashville, TN. I was given the name, Joan Paula Gold. Those were some sweet, wonder years. Playing outside for hours with all the neighbors… no fences in between homes… no locked doors. I spent many a day just swinging or climbing on my favorite tree.

One of my very favorite things to do was play dress-up. This would usually turn into ‘showtime’! Oh the shows we put on… such fond memories. Well, turns out, I’m still the same ol girl I used to be. Not climbing trees anymore, but the shows continue.

May our SHOWTIME be entertaining!


Blessings to y’all,
Peace & Love,
Queen Scarlett




  1. Happy Birthday Sweetheart! Here’s to many more years of SHOWTIME!

  2. on this day, some years ago, there appeared a new star in the show ! the wonderful you ! the terrific you….” a class act ! a dazzling experience ” said the critics….”a special character whose gifts continues to grow…that excellent person who puts a bigger smile on our faces”
    !! yes….you !!! and because of you….the world’s a more MARVelous, wild and wonderful place !!!!!! happy birthday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Happiest of Birthdays to you!!

  4. Hi Joanie…happy birthday to one of two people in my life who led me down the road of DRESS-UP! I just got back from my annual backcountry ski group that features a Sat night dress up dance party, I thought of you while shaking it up to Marvin Gaye. Hope you have a wonderful day! Love and Hugs, Marsha

  5. Dear Marsha,
    Thanks so much for your reply. Let’s put on some party clothes & celebrate this wonderful life. Love & hugs, Joanie

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