May our WAITING be worthwhile.

I do declare today’s word is WAITING.

I aim to keep these blogs short, but like the long five years of waiting, this story deserves some extra words.

Our dear daughter and son-in-law, Dawn and Troy, have been in an open-adoption pool for almost five years. About three weeks ago, they got the call that a birth mom had chosen them. On June 5th, Kylen Zamir was born and placed in their loving care. They will definitely be the most fitting parents. And just like that, our hopes and prayers were answered.

The joy is effusive, expansive, and contagious. Our circle of family and friends are so happy for our new family member and us. He is a precious miracle that certainly was worth waiting for!

Now if memory serves me, it was about five years ago that I started rhyming words to what has become THE NAP RAP. The song was scored with Dawn and Troy’s musical expertise and Lola began illustrating with darling interpretations.

Once again, the WAITING is almost over. THE NAP RAP is on its way! While biding my time, I continue to visualize reading and singing THE NAP RAP to my grandchild. (He is only 11 days old.)

Goodness gracious! The synchronicity of all this joy is truly a gift. As the excellent writer Robert Heinlein wrote – “Waiting is”

May our WAITING be worthwhile.

Blessings to y’all
Peace & Love,
Queen Scarlett




  1. Carolyn Cavalier Rosenberg

    I am so happy for all of you! Sending so much love <3

  2. Such a happy time! Key and I send our very best to all!

  3. Annemarie Hirsch

    Congratulations to all of you! Such joy!

  4. What a blessing! Thank you for sharing your wonderful news. Finding calm patience in the waiting is a true and rewarding journey. Happy days to a new mother, father, grandmother, grandfather and so on.


  5. The Nap Rap is dope by the way!!

  6. Overjoyed for Dawn, Troy, Kylen Zamir, you, Grandpa Marv and all! What a sweet, lucky little boy to be with such an amazing, loving family. Many blessings.

    • Dear Jan…thanks again for your blessings. You & Leah were there from the very start. The night of getting stuck on the elevator, being rescued, to receiving the queenly crown.
      Wishing you & the gang a safe river adventure. I’ll miss y’all a little, but staying close to home & the baby is a delightful priority! Hugs

  7. Martha J Snyder

    Having just attended the Graduation for my grand niece at OSU today, I am remembering when Lissa was about that small. I ponder the human path from the naive beginning with the blank slate, to the ritual of career beginnings and all the learning, shaping, luck and grace…along the way. Best to you all, Martha Snyder

    • Thanks Martha for sharing your comment. It is so encouraging for the support while doing this blog. Social media is certainly new and I’m hoping to learn more and expand. Knowing THE NAP RAP will be wrapped up soon is uplifting news. Being a grandmother has taken me and our family to an all time high!

  8. Big hugs all around. Love. Candy

    • Sending you bigger hugs back!
      Teatime with you was so special…thanks for tuning into the website.
      The excitement of this first book is awesome.
      Top it all off with a grandson is flipping fabulous!

  9. Queen Accordionna

    WoW!!! What a beautiful little darling he is!!! So happy for your whole wonderful family. Hugs and kisses to all !!!

  10. Yippy! The long awaited arrival … and now another journey begins. The family journey … Kylen is so very fortunate to have landed in the arms and hearts of you all. Congratulations Joanie and family… Welcome wee Kylen to this beautiful planet full of love and light!

  11. Oh the fun you are going to have, grandma!

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