May our TREATS be shared.

I do declare today’s word is TREATS.

With Halloween comes TREATS or a trick
Too much candy might make you sick.
Share your treats with a friend or two
Or go with a trick by saying BOO!
Carve a pumpkin with a creepy face
Embrace the spirits out there in space.

Dressing up as a witch or a ghost
Or a queen, which I like the most.
Get creative whatever disguise…
Just have fun under the spooky skies.

May our TREATS be shared

Blessings to y’all
Peace & Love,
Queen Scarlett


  1. You look pregnant …..

  2. hippie chick…..

  3. BOO! Back at you! Treats are fun, treats are fine, treats are the best any ol’ time!
    You, Queen Scarlett are a treat extraordinare!
    Smiles, Page BeLeaf

  4. Ginger Steele Stephenson

    What a treasure that haunted house is! Just amazing! Hope you day is filled with treats!

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