May our RESOLUTIONS be achieved

Smiling Kylen

I do declare, RESOLUTIONS are not my cup of tea.
I tend to veer away from making them so I don’t disappoint myself. Oh fiddle de dee, I’ll think about tomorrow.

Here’s to 2019 and beyond… as a new grandmother, I resolve to be extra loving… sharing song and dance with Kylen each and every tomorrow. This resolution will definitely be achieved!

May our RESOLUTIONS be achieved

Blessings y’all for a Happy New Year

Peace & Love,
Queen Scarlett


  1. Ginger Steele Stephenson

    Oh my, how Kylen has grown! So precious! Happy New Year to you and all the family!

  2. Congratulations, Queen Scarlett! A grand and fun resolution, indeed!

  3. What a bright light…. to lead your way. I find as I get older, each new family member (as well as the ones who proceeded) might find it a gift to read a history of their ancestry. Some day they’ll be curious and some simple outlines of where they came from may be instrumental in in they’re direction. Perhaps that’s already been done. I just know how much I savored my discoveries … which I had to dig for.
    Fruitful New Year!

    • Dear Martha, thanks for your wise input! Kylen will most definitely not have to dig too far. His history will be well documented.
      Wishing you & yours a fruitful new year as well!

  4. that is a very adorable little guy ! great pic !!! thanks Joany….and a happy new year to you and Marv…..!!!

  5. ADORABLE. What a beautiful full hearted smile and i am sure the bubbling laughter fill your heart. The gift of love and joy, who could ask for anything more. Times does fly by so quickly. I know you are treasuring every moment.

    • Dear Marilyn, thanks for writing a comment. It really does encourage me to keep up with the blogging. And yes we are treasuring and savoring all this new love and joy. Hugs to you and yours

  6. cute kid!!!….ct

  7. What a charmer. I’m sure you’ll have no problem keeping this resolution.

  8. Thanks Charlie, yes indeedie…not only cute but precious!

  9. What a bright light to bring in the new year!!! He’s dreamy-sweet❤️
    I resolve to do a little bit better every chance I get… New Year/New Hope!!!

  10. Thanks Cassi for your lighthearted comment…Here’s to healing light to us all!!

  11. So adorable…he’s grown so much since last we met…glad to hear he is bringing joy to ya’ll. Much Loveland any blessings, Mara

  12. Thanks Mara for your love and blessings…and for reading and leaving a comment on the blog. Kylen is our lighthearted inspiration!

  13. Nancy Goldstein Hoffman

    Nishan just told me about your blog. I look forward to following you!

    • Dear Nancy,

      Dear Nancy…Thanks so much for your comment! It’s extra special when dear friends from the good ole days are supportive. More thanks to Nishan for spreading the word s. Blessings to you & yours

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