May life be a BREEZE

Photo by Marilyn Ripley

I declare today’s word is BREEZE

Oh how I love a coastal BREEZE
Across the mighty wavy seas.

Blowing change is the forecast,
Here on the beach that is so vast.

Entranced by the windy motion…
So grateful dancing by the ocean.

With wings of hope and extra flair,
There’s liberation in the air.

Stunning is the unstoppable tide
Glory be, this gusty joyride!

May life be a BREEZE

Blessings to y’all
Peace & Love,
Queen Scarlett


  1. A breeze? All I can report today in Nashville is a smelly old WIND… Good Gawd!!!

  2. Ahhhh – deep draw of visual ocean into emptiness with gentle & delightful reminder to, yes, breathe.
    Thank you Queenie!
    Page Beleaf

  3. Enjoy the tropical breezes. I do love Kauai.

    • Aloha…enjoying this amazing island is an understatement. We are nesting here in the crater with a symphony of birds! Sending you & yours love & light through the airwaves!

      • the skies have opened a bit here in Bluegene, with the sun beaming beams of wonderful warm sunlight. Such a welcome reprieve from the winter rains and clouds! (Although, in the high country, much needed snow pack has been added, which is a a good thing, of course). We were in Kauai in December and loved our time there. Have fun!

  4. Dear Page Beleaf…so delightful to correspond through the airwaves!
    Keep smiling…big hugs to you & yours, Queenie

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