May we all enjoy the SPECTACLE of life

Photo by Felice Nirenstein at her booth

I do declare, today’s word is SPECTACLE
While at the Oregon Country Fair, many wear a festive costume
Getting around the crowded trails with hardly any elbow room.
Why I do declare some roam around barefooted and almost-bare
A forewarning to all, don’t be a prude if you go to the fair.
It’s a doozy of a SPECTACLE with wild overstimulation 
Parades, crafts, savory foods, and music filled with syncopation.
I had a most magical time, though my doggies got good and tired
With all the talent and vaudeville shows, I got more inspired.
There are so many sweet memories from the early, good ol’ days
This golden 50th celebration is added as another one to praise.
May we all enjoy the SPECTACLE of life
Blessings to y’all
Peace & Love
Queen Scarlett


  1. Aaron Greenberg

    a really great picture of you Joany……the other day, I got a new pair of spectacles….and I see much clearer now, so I see what you mean….! love ya !

  2. Was truly a highlight that our paths crossed at the fair. Always charmed.

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