May we all have S’MORE of the good life

I do declare today’s word is S’MORE

Last week our family and friends went glamping to celebrate the 70th birthdays of my consort, Marvelous, and his twin brother, David. We slept peacefully on cots with foam pads and ate heartily with our son Adam’s spiced-just-right creations. And with a surplus of wood, campfires kept us toasty in the mornings and the nights. We roasted marshmallows for S’MORES that helped to keep us being sweet with each other. Though coastal winds put a damper on beach walks, the panoramic view from the top of Hum Bug Mountain was a reminder of how blessed we are to live in Oregon with its versatile beauty all around us.

May we all have S’MORE of the good life

Blessings to y’all
Peace & Love
Queen Scarlett


  1. THanks to the Queen of Scarlet, I don’t know about others… but I exhale sweetly to the words of Marianne Williamson on the roster. Words that have been in the back of my psyche for years …. since the years of the Department of Peace. THe mere fact people have been curious about her and her words is soul lifting….just like S’mores. Keep your thread alive.

  2. Happy belated to Marv and really nice little camping story, praise the universe…ct

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