May we revel in the MAINTENANCE

I do declare today’s word is MAINTENANCE

The MAINTENANCE of mind, body, spirit 
Whether high or low… best not to fear it.
From head to toe there’s much to take care of
While filling the days with kindness and love.
Exercise to keep breathing and moving
Focus, staying on track, and keep improving. 
The labor of chores and getting them done
Then time for rest or making some fun.
Here’s to keeping up along the way 
Wishing y’all a happy Labor Day!

May we revel in the MAINTENANCE

Blessings to y’all
Peace & Love
Queen Scarlett


  1. And back to you. You certainly do light up a room.

  2. Great poem and important sentiments!

  3. Labor Day blessings to you and all your tribe from one who was born on Labor Day. Did my mother enjoy the irony? Labor day for her for sure.
    Thanks for encouraging us to honor and take stock of all the labor that fellow humans undertake to make our lives easier, richer, and safer. We give thanks to all who work to MAINTAIN our existence.
    I believe the word MAINTENANCE combines Latin and/or French roots of words that mean “hand” and “hold”. So, MAINTENANCE is “holding in hand”.

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