May we GLISTEN without glitter

I do declare today’s word is GLISTEN 
Getting rid of glitter seems impossible 
I find it messy and downright deplorable!
O fiddle dee dee! I’ve never been a big fan
Glitter could use a “thou-shall-not” ban.
There’s a reason or two for all the fuss
Don’t get me started or I may cuss.
Let’s GLISTEN without glitter and help our earth
Imagine a cleaner planet and its worth.
There’s certainly no need to add more litter
I declare it’s high time to get rid of glitter!
May we GLISTEN without glitter

Blessings to y’all
Peace & Love
Queen Scarlett


  1. Goddess of Garbage.

    Here here your majesty! I concur.

  2. Glisten is awsome……

  3. Oh, looks like heaven. Enjoy. We miss you in class.

  4. Glisten ….. without glitter…..A gloomy day with art to create. Yeah!
    Feeling stoned ……. without weed?

  5. Listen (or read) – Queen Scarlett you be a’ shine o’glitter without the litter! Thank you for adding sparkle to my day!
    Smiles & Twinkles,
    Page Be Leaf

  6. You betcha! You certainly have, do & will continue to bring on the GLISTEN!
    Peace & Love

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