May joy follow like a SHADOW


I do decłare todays word is SHADOW

It’s downright bizarre that I’m turning 70!
Hoping life continues upward and heavenly.

After all these many years I’ve grown extra fond
Of my very own SHADOW, we’ve made a bond.

It’s followed me here and there, through and through
Keeping up with me as I continually grew.

Now my height has shortened just a little bit,
And some of my favorite jeans really don’t fit.

Out with old images to see what arises
Ready for life’s challenges and fun surprises!

Proud that I made it this far and somewhat aghast,
I have stories that are real doozies from the past.

Me and my SHADOW kindly thank the stars above,
For dear family and friends sharing their love.

As my destiny leads onward till the end 
My joy and SHADOW will be gone with the wind!

May joy follow like a SHADOW

Blessings y’all
Peace & Love
Queen Scarlett



  1. 70 years young ! why, you look mahvalous darling…..happy birthday. so much love, and so many blessings !!!

  2. Happy birthday, dear friend! May you continue to enjoy fun surprises and be surrounded by love and joy. ❤️

  3. Birthday Greetings O’ Queen Sublime!
    May You & Your Shadow March on
    Through Time!
    Giggles & Love,
    Page Be Leaf

  4. sweet little poemish thing…….both you and your words……ct

  5. Ginger Steele Stephenson

    Wishing you the happiest of birthdays my dear, sweet friend. Love to you and all the family!

  6. Happiest of birthdays! What a joy it is to still be here for 70! I’m so glad you are.

  7. We’re old. And that’s okay. Only at age are we able to embrace so much experience of life. Life lived in light and shadow lets us blend and combine and share so many visions. In our garden, sprouts take root. They are tended, fed and watered. Their nurture and growth lead to maturity and bloom.
    Some of the plants in our garden of varieties prefer, even need, shade (shadow) for best growth.
    So do slugs.

  8. From the edge of your “shadow” I report. I know from what you speak. I share in you sentiments and revel in our life experience, here in ole Bluejene. Folks of our age grew this town into the character it is…. and lucky we are to have shared in this experience. If I’m right… I can remember the crazy group of women who help to inaugurate the Jello Show for Maude Kerns Art Center’s April Fool event at the Midgley building /Lane Arts Council. I’m sorry to hear the event will be canceled this year because of the flu. Here’s to next year, when JELLO Fools and the Radar Angels shall reign again. HBTY, Martha

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