May we FOOL around.

(Please note: This blog, in anticipation for “social having fun,” was written a month ago, before the time of “social distancing.”)

I declare today’s word is FOOL.

Between politics and a nasty virus
It’s a wonder we’re not all delirious.
Dang but it’s hard to tell what’s coming next
I’m downright tired of feeling so perplexed.
So it’s high time to start fooling around
Get cultured and check out what’s to be found.
Want to participate at the Jell-O Art Show?
I’m measuring for the perfect ratio.
And brewing and stirring up a centerpiece
I find the medium brings a certain peace.
So no reason for a nervous breakdown
Y’all come on down…so you too can FOOL around!

May we FOOL around.


Current Addition:

Why I do declare with disappointment:

The colorful Jell-O Art Show
Has been cancelled…it’s a no go!
So if indeed, time to quarantine
By all means keep a clean scene.

NOW…I’m not fooling around
I declare today’s second word is HOPE


May we hold onto HOPE.

With the severity of this illness and so many uncertainties, I questioned whether to send out a blog this week. My royal secretary and dearest friend, Clare, encouraged me to continue.

With extra time for caring for home, I’ve been tackling the weeds. They used to be a curse, now I embrace the troublesome plants, as the time spent with them is pensive and meditative. I plan on spring cleaning, reading, writing, walking, and practicing piano. I stay diligent with physical therapy exercises to help strengthen these old bones and continue to fall more in love with grandson, Kylen. I persevere and play the FOOL…trusting that this too shall pass.

While each of us all over the world are choosing and doing our own way of coping, I will continue to pray for this nightmare to end with all our loved ones safe and sound.

May we hold onto HOPE.

Blessings y’all
Peace & Love
Queen Scarlett


  1. Blessings to you too my dearest Queen.
    With you in spirit since not in person. Even in such times of trial, you are a bright light in this frightful world.
    I too am spending long communion with my weeds. This is the year they will get all of my attention.
    I appreciate you are the guide during this Reign of Hope.
    and i look forward to the day we shall meet and dance with joy at the reunion of all the people.
    love you, blessings your family and us all.

  2. Thank you so much! In these stressful times it’s wonderful to
    Have you pop up!!! Please stay safe and healthy to you and yours
    Love you Diana ❤️ And love to Clare and safe wishes to her and her husband❤️

  3. Beautiful!

  4. Awww Queenie –
    Thank You so much!
    Page Be Leaf

  5. Joanie, It’s about time you started practicing the piano. I look forward to hearing you play again. I am on lock down in my condo, but having a good time. I was meant to shelter in place. I have so many things to do here. I am finishing my last 2 papers for Watkins. They are closed until April 24th, at least. I don’t know what they will do about graduation. Maybe rent the drive-thru from the MacDonalds up the street. Talk to you soon.

    • Thanks David…your comment is extra special! We’re bummed & disappointed to miss traveling back to our roots, Nashville, and celebrating your graduation and our 49th Anniversary. Glad you’re finding creative ways to spend while in shelter. Can hardly wait to play the piano with a song or two for you!

  6. Hi Joanie, Lovely to hear from you during this fearful fiasco raining down upon us. Your word, hope, is my word, too! Always look forward to the next time we run into each other. peace… love… and tons of fun!

  7. Dear Anne…so sweet of you to tune in and leave a comment. Hoping to figure out Zoom so I can join in on the dance get togethers. Distant hugs to you & Henry

  8. I think this would be a great time for Marvin to get the OLE BANJO out of the
    attic. STAY IN & STAY WELL

  9. Thanks Larry…so kind of you to leave the funny comment. If he finds time in between disinfecting the old homestead daily…we’ll dust off the vintage banjo.
    Love to you & the family

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