May we HANDLE what we are dealt.


I do declare, today’s word is HANDLE

There’s a handful of unknowns we’re dealt each day
Not everyone is playing with a full deck, as they say.
With our grandson shuffling, cuttin’ up, or drawing with each hand
His sweet presence makes life an unexplored wonderland!

Kylen is two years old now and we’re head over heels,
Sharing precious moments and many tasty meals.
Celebrating his free spirit fills our life with joy
Giving thanks to his mom and dad, Dawn and Troy.

Hearing him call me “GoGo” when I drop by
And holding his hand is the ultimate high.
Quite the character with a laugh that’s contagious
Testing daring new feats – he’s so courageous!

He has a sturdy stature and a mind that’s astute
I just love every curl – he is downright cute.
His tiny hands love opening and closing doors
And curiously checking inside the drawers.

Gotta admit, I can feel a bit tuckered out 
Trying to keep up with him, there’s no doubt.
He’ll be amusing us with each and every phase
There aren’t enough rhymes to express my praise.

With Kylen Zamir as my wellspring
I can HANDLE just about anything.

May we HANDLE what we are dealt

Blessings y’all
Peace & Love
Queen Scarlett


  1. Thank you Queen Scarlet for the joy you give to us..
    That is a happy little boy !

  2. Amen!
    Thanks Queenie!

  3. Charlie Tabasko

    Good morning lady……sweet little rhyme for a cute little guy….let it all be good…..ct

  4. I totally agree with you! They are pure joy and a wonderful natural antidepressant!

  5. Aaron Greenbird

    thanks for the pics !!! just wonderful !!! what a beautiful little guy !!! I am so happy for all of you,,,,,so much love, and so many blessings….

  6. Such a darling cherub he is! What a great joy and blessing. So very happy for you all. Can’t believe he’s two already! Hope to see him again one of these days. Love to you A as lol! ❤️❤️

  7. Marilyn Ripley

    Happy Birthday to the most precious. They ( the little sweet ones) Bring an abundance of joy that seems more than such a small person can hold. Blessings to all the family. Love your new name GoGo.

  8. A cutie indeed – thank you for sharing the joy!
    Smiles, Indi
    PS Love your ‘handle “GoGo

  9. As always…thanks for your continued support for our family and creative endeavors we have and will share again…I gotta HAND it to you!

  10. Ginger Steele Stephenson

    Oh Joan, he just grows more precious each day! Love and peace to you and all the family.

  11. Tell me about it! Sure wish one day you’ll get to meet him. Sending love to you and your family too.

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