Photo taken by Page Be Leaf, aka Indi Stern

2020 roared in and rocked our world!

I do declare todays’ word is STABILITY.

Now that 2020 is gladly and finally over and done

Here’s to bringing STABILITY in 2021.

I’m more than ready for energizing versatility

Finding extra time to practice calmness and STABILITY.

Hope this poem finds y’all safe and well as we still hunker down.

I’ll look forward to a risk-free time to party with you, wearing my crown.

May 2021 bring STABILITY 

Blessings y’all
Peace & Love 
Queen Scarlett


  1. Joanie – you never cease to amaze me – I do declare you are a raging beauty in your beautiful attire – can’t wait until that Oregon trip. I love and miss you all dearly ✌️

  2. Indra Stern-Hayworth

    Oh – what a great way to start my day!
    Hugs & Kisses Queenie
    Page Be Leaf

  3. Ginger Steele Stephenson

    Love the photo – it always bring me joy to see you face. My hope for 2021 is to see you in person. Blessings to you and all the family is this new year.

  4. Good words of wisdom, queen and dear friend.

  5. Thanks dear Robin – your comment is such a great way to start 2021 in a most positive, stable way…I love you!

  6. stable is good…..grinning me thinks it’s where the fertilizer is made!!!!
    stable is good….I’ve never been much of an adrenaline junkie…slow and steady she goes.
    Peace and love sweet Cypress…..

  7. Nice poem Queenie!
    Looking forward to seeing you and all our friends on the other side of this pandemic.

  8. Can’t have mobility without stability! Good word for this year! Love & hugs

  9. Dear Queen Scarlett,

    You are fresh air for my brain.

    With gratitude for a stabilizing spirit among us.

    2021 let’s party on…


  10. Love you joanie girl, yes miss you and the music and dance where we live it up! You are foundational, and a cornerstone of a world I long to get back to. See you soon on the horizon.

  11. Dear dear Cha Cha…thanks SO much for your extra special comment!
    I miss dancing SO much & of course, no one can lead like you. See you on the dance floor if not sooner on the horizon.

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