May we all find BALANCE

I do declare today’s word is BALANCE

In this topsy turvy world finding BALANCE and staying steady
For what’s next, takes focus in order to be good and ready.
My birthday is tomorrow and I’m downright amazed
With more time on my hands these long winter days.
I’m standing upside down, if only for a while
Strengthening my homebody’s lifestyle.
Grateful to see things from a different point of view
Before coming down for tasks to attend to.
Breathing in mindfulness, hoping not to come down with a flop
Breathing out tensions as earth rotates without a stop.
BALANCE in all its aspects is a goal to exercise
Whether looking within or any direction with my eyes.
I’ll aim for sure footing with care and graceful tact
Throughout each new day in life’s balancing act.

May we all find BALANCE

Blessings y’all
Peace & Love
Queen Scarlett


  1. Ginger Steele Stephenson

    Sending wishes for the happiest of birthdays to my very dear friend! Love you!

  2. glad you’re not a ‘show-off’… your balance….happy b-day…ct

  3. You top side down, bottom side up queen . . how do you keep your crown from punching holes in the carpet?
    you are at oneness with the laws of physics and the planetary rotations. Blessed be!
    I’ll need to work up to a headstand, but
    as long as you’re holding point, I feel the world’s a better place.
    Mahalo for your kuleana.

  4. Ah, to be evenly distributed. Thank you M’Dear for delightful words of wisdom

  5. Happy Birthday to Joan,
    Happy Full Moon Birthday
    From your “old” friend Joanie,
    Happy Birthday to Joan!

    and Happy Almost-Spring!

    Yes, Balance.

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