May there be GRACE

I do declare today’s word is GRACE

In our fast-paced world, approaching one another with GRACE
Is bound to help feed the heart, soul and headspace.
The seasons are spinning by, and Thanksgiving is here
Goodness gracious…it’s my favorite time of year!
With ever changing cycles, I’m aiming to go with the flow
Through challenging times indeed, I’ll be going for the gusto.
Excited and hopeful there’ll be plenty of tasty fulfilling bites
Got my apron handy while preparing traditional delights.
Turkey with trimmings seem to always satisfy
Can’t decide whether to bake apple or pumpkin pie?
With an abundance of gratitude, I’ll be serving with a smile
Sharing warmth and kindness following a healthy lifestyle.
I’m giving thanks for dear family and friends as we continue to share
Celebrating the bountifulness by saying GRACE with profound prayer.
Blessings y’all
Peace & Love
Queen Scarlett



  1. Thankful always, thanks for sharing….ct

  2. Happy Thanksgiving!
    I’m so grateful that that you are and will always be
    THE QUEEN!!!
    Brother Bruce….. Big Brother is watching.

  3. Thank you Queenie! Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Goodness Gracious is right!
    Apple or pumpkin – awww, do both!
    You grace my life Queen Scarlett!
    Page Be Leaf

  5. Thanks Byron…miss you and the music & hope to see & hear you soon.

  6. Hope your gathering was as sweet as you are! Sending oceans of love your way from the coast.

  7. Dear Jewel Joanie…love your style, your smile, your gentle ways, always. Miss you and your heart continues to shine along side the river of life. Dancing prancing through it all…wanna dance soon to the love live music!

  8. Dawn Cypress Broadnax

    We love you mom infinitely
    Keep up your beautiful creativity❣️
    You’re the best and we’re so grateful for you.
    Love, D, T, & K

    • Dearest Dawn…your strong spirit inspires me with every precious year & there’s not enough words to give thanks to you & yours for sharing this lifetime. Suffice it to say…y’all are my saving GRACE. LOVE LOVE LOVE

  9. Thanks dear Lois for our sweet friendship…love to you & yours

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