May there be CHEER

I do declare today’s word is CHEER
Well hush my mouth, I’m fed up with masks as I’m sure you are
Smiles are hard to come by with life being so bizarre.
There’s a feather in my cap, got my chin up with hopeful believing
Looking forward to a brand-new year, I’ve got a good feeling.
It’s January 1st, 2022, … for land’s sake!
Time to celebrate and get ready to undertake
All the do’s and to do’s…don’t want to hold back
Good and ready for a spin through the Zodiac. 
I’ve got some ideas for a new creative endeavor
To bring more CHEER…exciting to put together.
Hoping to make resolutions with a bit of wit
Aiming to never give up, there’s no time to quit.
Here’s to us all, that we will persevere
Sharing the joy… let’s bring on the CHEER!
Blessings y’all
Peace & love
Queen Scarlett


  1. Glad that you didn’t overdress for the occasion !!!! more than a ‘queen for a day’……always blessings and prayers for you and your family…peace out…ct

  2. Ginger Steele Stephenson

    Cheers to our long and special friendship! Cheers to our parents who gave us such a wonderful childhood! Cheers to our brothers who sometimes drove us crazy! And cheers to you and your beautiful and handsome family!

    May 2022 be filled with joy and all the best!~


    • CHEER CHEER! Thanks for being my favorite neighbor of all times! Thanks for your continued encouragement as I write these blogs. I love you Ginger & hope to make it to Nashville this year…it’s been too long.❣️

  3. Indra Stern-Hayworth

    New day sun kissed
    Polished snow a’ blazing
    New Year fresh start
    You – Dear Queenie
    Are Amazing!
    Twinkles & Cheerful Chimes,
    Page Be Leaf

  4. Dawn Cypress Broadnax

    Love you mom❣️Your cheer and light bring so much joy.✨

  5. Thanks Queenie! You always have a nice message.
    Happy New Year to you and your family.

  6. Happy New Year to an amazing #OldQueen. Here’s to more Royal Outings this year. We need some revelry and Glamor!! And #SlimeGreen

  7. Joan,
    Thanks for thee wonderful greetings..Thinking of you and the wee Cypresses often..feeling the joy of our long time closeness. My message going out is “Be Kind” .

  8. Thanks Chuck…I’m so very grateful for your neighborly kindness throughout our long time closeness! Hugs

  9. I love the word you chose because there could never be enough cheer especially during this time. You always make me smile with your inspirational words and your Queen attire. You are one of a kind and I’m so glad to call you a friend.

  10. Dearest Qanon Queenie Dancin Drawler
    I do declare you brighten my day all the way across the ocean blue.
    I hope we get to dance with live music and lots of friends this year.

  11. Hear Hear, Sister! Looking forward to our paths crossing again sooner rather than later! Much love to you and yours

  12. Love the picture, Joan! Val and I are on the couch watching James Taylor and
    Carole King thinking of you all! Happy New Years to all of the family and everyone on this thread.

  13. Now HEAR!!!
    I say, I say, I say…. NOW HEAR! This goes out to All and Everything. My sister Joan, who I’ve called Joan for 72 years is the best sister anyone could have. It’s OK to call her Queen Scarlett if you like, but I still call her Joan. Now sometimes, every so often I call her Joaners or maybe Joanah. So, any kind name you care to call her is always welcomed with love. She’s one of a kind. They threw out the mold in 1950. So…. now in 2022, I send love to my sister Joan and all the family and my dear friends, way out there in Eugene.
    Big Love,
    Brother Bruce

  14. OMGoddess…Bruce…you’re too kind! Thank you for being the best brother & taking thoughtful time to leave this VERY meaningful message. I must let you & all know that y’all can call me any name you want…just don’t call me late for dinner! I love you so & when the time is right we will dwell together whether in Nashville or out here in the Wild West. BIG HUGS

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