I do declare today’s word is PRESENT 
Mercy me, it’s hard to believe it’s my birthday again 
I’m aiming to keep up with each moment in life’s fast lane. 
It’s the year of the tiger and I’m raring and roaring to go 
Ready to express royal prowess the older I grow. 
Practicing being PRESENT respecting the Tao  
As the saying goes “Be here now.” 
I PRESENT the word PRESENT with its many interpretations 
Dang but I’m blessed with all my dear relations! 
PRESENTly I’m grateful to still be here on Mother Earth  
For each and every breath since my birth. 
Each day is truly a gift, a treasure hard to measure 
Here’s to life well spent filled with plenty of pleasure! 
May we be PRESENT  
Blessings y’all  
Peace & love 
Queen Scarlett


  1. Happy birthday . Hope this is a wonderful year for you & yours.

    • Thanks Eileen for tuning in to blogs…sending love & light to you & yours

      • Joanie – you are my forever gal- as long as you are here…I know I am here- lol – ever since Howard Johnson fried clams and my baby blue Corvair convertible and our BIG pink hot rollers in our hair- what could go wrong? We never got in trouble going to Shoney’s or Nick Varello’s LOL – I love you forever and ever my dear friend! Happy Birthday!!!!

        • Dear Robin…thanks for the memories. Our friendship is a downright doozy! I look forward to us spending some PRESENT time together sooner than later. I love you forever❤️

  2. Happy Birthday Queenie!
    Thanks for your kind sentiment this morning.
    Love ya.

  3. What a lovely sentiment for your birthday

    Happy, happy birthday dear soul!

  4. Happy Be-day Queen. Forever young works too!!! heart to heart…ct

  5. Happy Birthday, Joanie
    Here’s to another year of being present and grateful!!!

  6. Happy, happy birthday, Queen Scarlett! And thanks for the good reminder to stay present. Miss seeing you, Miss Joanie! ♥️

  7. Old Queen SluGoddess Slime Shine (aka Jenette)

    Happy Birthday Old Queen Scarlett. I have the most difficult time being present. And I think when I sat next to you at Coronation last year, I mentioned to you my struggle with that. I needed your help to keep me “Present” and “be in the moment”. Thanx for your help with that and for the reminder.

  8. Indra Stern-Hayworth

    Pre-Birthday Greetings Dear Queenie!
    Indeed you are (a) present! Certainly in my life
    A fittin’ old proverb attributed to the Cherokee –
    Don’t let yesterday use up too much of today!
    So cheers for now & a big wha-hoo for ya tomorrow.
    Smiles & love,
    Another Tiger Fish

  9. Thank you, Queen Scarlett: my personal Poet Laureate.
    Amazing I was just thinking of this trinity of time as of yesterday and
    as is usual for a poet, the thoughts have been crystalized into inspiration
    from you.

    A most good year for those of the tiger born & especially my tap dance friend.

    • Dear Ceil…thanks for your encouragement for writing rhyming blogs.I sure do miss tapping the hours away with you & the gals. Now I might go tap…then take a nap! Hugs

  10. Happy Birthday Joanie, Each day we get up and check our senses: Can still breathe, Can still see, can still hear, can still walk and dance, can still sing. So it is just down to managing our marbles. I am sure yours are sparkly and shiny. Grateful for the here and now, the times we have had, and more in the future.

    • Dear Marilyn…giving gratitude for our dear friendship & for ALL the senses. Big thanks for the reminder to shine my marbles. I do practice being PRESENT, but the even older brain gets a bit forgetful. Xoxo

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