May each ROAM be favorable

Illustration by Barbara Counsil

I do declare today’s word is ROAM
Looking to get out and about for a fun, adventurous ROAM?
Or to read an imaginative storybook in the comfort of your home?

Announcing “HAVE A GOOD ROAM,” our second songbook is ready to relish
Filled with heartfelt words, darling illustrations, and music to embellish.
Oh fiddle de dee, I can’t wait any longer so I’ll just cut to the chase
I’m proud as punch to share our artwork and hope you’ll add it to your bookcase.
Trails with tall tales are endless, so wherever you start or depart
Wishing each ROAM to be favorable and bring joy to your heart!
Blessings y’all
Peace & love
Queen Scarlett


  1. Congrats Ms. Joan!!! Me, I don’t roam very far from home!!!!! peace out. love always…ct

  2. Indra Stern-Hayworth

    Wha-Hoooo! CONGRATULATIONS Queenie!
    Sooooo proud for you!
    2 copies please!
    Smiles & Twinkles,
    Yer Loyal Page Be Leaf

  3. How cute! Thanks for the preview.

  4. You’re so welcome sweet Candy. I look forward to our next ROAM together.

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