May there be WELL wishes

I do declare today’s word is WELL 

WELL, I never … it’s another birthday for this old southern belle 
There’s no secret … every year I wish dear loved ones to be WELL. 
It’s the icing on the cake when your wish comes true. 
And I’m pleased as punch to carry on as I pursue 
With my handy wishing WELL, aspiring to be at ease  
Through life’s ups and downs, while aiming to please  
Myself by being accepting, adjusting, filled with trust 
Believing in magic and convinced that we’re all stardust. 
Shining healing light that is reflected 
With one another staying WELL-connected.  
The presence of my royal family is the best health care. 
There’s no better gift than the loving WELL wishes they share. 
May there be WELL wishes. 
Blessings y’all  
Peace & love, 
Queen Scarlett 


  1. Beautiful thoughts for this lovely day. Happy birthday Little Queenie!

  2. Ah! Staying connected and wishing each other well is a gift for all ages. And a remedy for ills to be sure. Sending you love and hugs today dear sister!

  3. Love the wishing well ! Happy Birthday to you dear woman.
    Best of everything today and going forward.
    Would love to see more of you. As weather warns, maybe we all can meet up and chat.


  4. Happy Birthday!

  5. Indra Stern-Hayworth

    Best Birthday Wishes to You Dear Queenie!
    Dang, that’s a cute little well!
    Well, have a great day of celebration & fun!
    Giggles & Love,
    Page Be Leaf

  6. Dawn Cypress Broadnax

    Happy Birthday Mama!! I love you beyond measure. Wishing you a beautiful day celebrating your unique wonderfulness. Well and full of joy!

  7. Happy Birthday to Joanie Baloney! One more year over and i have seen many of them. Keep up the good work.

  8. Sending you love and light on this special day!

  9. Happy Birthday dear one! It was wonderful to be celebrating the life of George Harrison with you. Bumping up into your joyful smile, and gracious welcoming spirit … filled me full of sweet memory and the promise of this beautiful life …especially in the presence of dear sweet friends. Love, love, love….Marsha

    • Thanks dear Marsha…dancing to George’s inspiring lyrics under the chilly, blue sky was truly a delight. Your sweet smile is contagious and I love you so!Thanks for tuning into my blog…WELL wishes to you & yours

  10. This is so lovely. Just like you. I’m guessing you’ve had a remarkable birthday! Wishing you well!!

  11. Happy birthday dear sweet Pisces sister. How beautiful your wishing well and wishes. I now truely believe we are all stardust. Wishing you many blessings of magic in the coming year!

    • Dear Cathy…I do declare receiving your birthday comment made me extra happy. Us sensitive, magical, Pisces sisters help make the world go round. Wishing you more WELL wishes on March 1st…your birthday. Love to you & yours ❤️

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