May we savor SPRING 

Photo by Athena Delene

I do declare today’s word is SPRING 

Praise be SPRING as it fills the air with fragrance that’s pleasing 
With bountiful blossoms … hoping there’s not too much sneezing. 
What sweet joy knowing the seeds are bursting to sprout  
Giving an extra SPRING in my step, ready to get out and about. 
Winter blues have faded bringing colorful SPRING changes to fashion 
I got to pose at Queen Holly GoSlugly’s party of pink passion. 
Among gorgeous cherry blossom trees with their pinkish glow 
Breathing the fresh-filled air makes me want to get up and go 
Out to the splendor of the garden with the birds and the bees 
Inspired by their unique SPRING-cleaning with outside expertise. 
This sweet, seasonal passage of time flies by way too fast 
I’ll be busy singing its praises with a rosy favorable forecast! 
May we savor SPRING 
Blessings y’all  
Peace & love 
Queen Scarlett 


  1. Amen!
    Thanks Little Queenie.

  2. Spring has sprung!
    And Froggy has something to say….
    “How ya kids, how ya how ya!”

  3. This sweet, seasonal passage of time flies by way too fast ….always has,,,each new flower has it’s day…..peace out…ct

  4. Love the flamingo!

  5. Thank you for this message of Spring appreciation motivating me to get up and go!

  6. Ginger Stephenson

    Happy spring! Love that flamingo!☮️

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