May our SERVICE be of value.

I do declare today’s word is SERVICE.

Many moons ago, when preparing and trying on Queenliness, I figured I needed a King.

My most-royal consort was not at all interested, however, with some coaxing and extra treats our loyal dog, Sam, readily agreed. I believed with Sam as my sidekick, so regal, “ruff” and ready that my chances of receiving the crown were more likely. Though not registered as a SERVICE dog, Sam served our royal family to the “nth pet degree”! Of course, I even had a special crown and robe made for him. Sam continues to serve with the many in dog heaven. As I continue to reign, King Sam will always rule my heart.

May our SERVICE be of value.

Blessings to y’all

Peace & Love,
Queen Scarlett


  1. Bruce Springsteen

    He’s just a baby!!!

    • Dear Bruce…more thanks in your busy rock life, tuning into blogs and leaving a comment. Yes indeed, Sam was such a GOOD BOY!
      Looking forward to your visit here in The Wild West!!!

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