May our MISSIONS be accomplished.

I do declare today’s word is MISSIONS.

With a radiant full moon above, the Cuthbert crowd for the TajMo concert was hooting and hollering with elation. I know I sure was. Fortunately, over the years, I have met both Taj Mahal and Keb Mo. As part of our mission from the goddess to keep the dance alive, and as one half of The Blues Sisters… we were staying true blue, dancing the night away. Now, the time had come for the finale of the show and with determination, my Blues Sister and I went to dance in the front of the stage along with other groupies. Well I never! I was literally man-handled! A large, scruffy-bearded security guard came chasing me, grabbed me and said,  “You are coming with me! You heard me say NO and now you have to come with me!” I replied that I had not heard him above the loud phenomenal music. Then, looking around at the other 100 + dancers now clustered at the front of the stage, I told the fellow, “This is ridiculous!” and broke away to join my fellow Blues Sister right smack in front of my bluesy idols. We were there with love and respect for the awesome musicians, giving close-up gratitude.

In retrospect, this jack ass of a guard trying to take me away from my mission, didn’t realize that he was not only dealing with a blues fan, but a Queen with a mission that would not take no from no one, no how, no way. And what a way to end, being extra close to Taj and Keb, on this glorious summer breeze of a night… a night I’ll never forget…no never!

May our MISSIONS be accomplished.

Blessings to y’all

Peace & Love
Queen Scarlett

TajMo at the Cuthbert Amphitheater July 27, 2018. Photo by Rob Tobias


  1. Oh what a night! Next time he sees you, that guard’s gonna turn the other way. I say Amen and keep dancing.

  2. “well I never…” That is crazy … keep on dancing you Blues duo!

    • Hi Marsha…we will most definitely keep the dance alive! Turns out The Blues Sisters will be celebrating the 40 year reunion of “Animal House” down in Cottage Grove on August 18th.
      Please join us for some whacky fun!

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