I do declare today’s word is FUN! 

Photo of many Slugqueens
Photo by Kim Still, First Lady in Waiting 

As a very old queen with less time on my side,  
I’m raring and ready for life’s joyride. 
I’m grabbing up FUN with light-hearted play 
Passing it right back out … come what may. 
The upcoming 41st S.L.U.G. Queen Coronation  
Presents an evening filled with exaltation. 
The old slug queens are getting lit 
Each wears a unique royal outfit. 
Sharing silly, slimy, glitzy stuff 
It‘s a cultural experience sure enough. 
A new ‘raining’ queen will be selected 
There’s no doubt FUN is to be expected. 
Come on down and enjoy the extravaganza  
I’ll be decked out in frills made from organza. 
Royal FUN with glistening glamour is in store 
Comedy, music, and dancing queens galore! 

Blessings y’all  
Peace & love 
Queen Scarlett 


  1. Jennifer Andrews

    Woohoo!!! Sounds like a slimy and glorious good time!

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