May FALL be uplifting

I do declare today’s word is FALL 
I’m ready for a good roam to enjoy autumn’s grandeur  
With an intention to stay active and be a better doer. 

Finally, FALL is here, and I love the change in the weather 
Time to bring out a hat, a scarf and a cozy sweater. 
Chilled wind at my back moving me along with a swirl 
Dang the seasons are spinning by … life’s a whizzing whirl! 
Finding FALLen leaves filling fields on an awesome stroll 
Feeling uplifted giving gratitude from my very soul. 
The trees know exactly when to let go of each leaf 
Naturally never going through a smidgen of grief. 
Gotta watch my steps so I don’t actually FALL 
Be aware by practicing my balance above all. 
Through the ups and downs let’s give a helping hand 
Lifting up one another … taking a stand. 
It’s a joy sharing seasonal blissful FALL-filled days  
I’ll be savoring the dramatic display with pleasing praise. 
And I must add I’m FALLing more in love with our Kylen dear 
Now 5 years old, my heart melts any time of the year. 
May FALL be uplifting.  
Blessings y’all  
Peace & love 
Queen Scarlett  


  1. Indra Stern-Hayworth

    Ah Queenie!
    Thank you for reminding me of beautiful wonders – I desperately needed these reminding words!
    Smiles & Twinkles,
    Your Page Be Leaf

  2. Ginger Stephenson

    I can’t believe that precious Kylen is 5! I know he is a joy. As the days turn cooler, I will wrap myself in the warmth and love of my Shirley Gold scarf☮️

  3. Wow! How time does fly! That boy is a wonder.

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